Admin API? [Was: Re: shared \seen flags on shared folders]

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Thu Sep 2 09:02:50 EDT 2010

On Thu, 02 Sep 2010 21:47:42 +0900, Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam at> wrote:

> On Thu, 2010-09-02 at 10:59 +0100, Gavin McCullagh wrote:
>> Hi,
>> sorry for the very late reply.
>> On Thu, 12 Aug 2010, Wesley Craig wrote:
>> > On 12 Aug 2010, at 09:17, Gavin McCullagh wrote:
>> > >I gather courier shares the \seen flag between users sharing a
>> > >folder.  Is it possible to do this on cyrus?
>> > I believe "sharedseen" does what you're looking for.  See "man cyradm":
>> > 	"sharedseen"
>> >                Enables the use of a shared \Seen flag on messages rather than
>> >                a per-user \Seen flag.  The ?s? right in the mailbox ACL still
>> >                controls whether a user can set the shared \Seen flag.
>> Brilliant, thanks.  I hadn't noticed that.
>> > The Kolab client may have direct support for managing sharedseen, so
>> > you might take a look at that, as well.
>> It has a sufficiently new cyradm to support sharedseen, but it doesn't seem
>> to have a web-based way to do this.
> This is a constant pain (cyradm isn't very help-desk friendly).
> Does anyone know of a, even abandoned, project to implement the cyradm
> capabilities as a network API?  SOAP, XML-RPC, REST, whatever....  It
> would be really nice to be able to manage a Cyrus server via an API (and
> make building clients for that task way easier).

I believe the protocol is IMAP.
(cyradm is just a IMAP client focused to manage cyrus IMAP Server).

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