Bugzilla Cleanup - Your Help Needed and Much Appreciated!

Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) vanmeeuwen at kolabsys.com
Tue Oct 19 04:18:28 EDT 2010

Hello there,

The Cyrus Bugzilla is a very important component for all of us, community 
users and Cyrus developers alike!

I suppose most of us have, at least once or twice, logged a new report in 
Bugzilla, but then what happens with that report?

From the other side, the Cyrus team sometimes doesn't sort through the series 
of legacy tickets to see what (in terms of tickets) it is they are supposed to 
be working on or which tickets they need to close. As a result, reports 
quickly back up in the queue and are soon to be rarely paid sufficient 
attention to.

Similarly, I can imagine, it must sometimes be... confusing to see a large 
number of tickets still be open, or a large list of versions you never know 
existed, and the version or milestone of a ticket be set to something that 
doesn't really make sense.

Ergo; something needs to be cleaned up. While some things I can just go ahead 
and do (after short deliberation within the Cyrus team, of course),


Let me emphasize that point; Without your help, all I can do is close the 
tickets and wait for people (probably some of you) to reopen them...

Here's some of the things I can do and have done to make it easier on all of 

- I've cleaned up the list of versions by accumulating versions the Cyrus team 
is unlikely to pay much attention to, into series of versions. Ergo, 2.1.1 
through 2.1.13 have all become one single '2.1.x' entry. Note that this 
includes the 2.2 series, while 2.3 has been released ~5 years ago. Same goes 
for milestones.

- I've installed the BugzillaReports extension for Mediawiki, so we can easily 
create lists of bugs and share those lists. See, for example, the following 
Mediawiki page;


You can help us make Bugzilla just a little bit more accessible!

Here's how (the contents of lists are updated instantly);

- A list of Open Bugs per legacy version has been created:


- A description of what you can do with such reports is described here;


We're talking a list of 174 bugs at the time of this writing. What we would 
like to see, is have this list be smaller.

If you have any questions (like, any, whatsoever, somewhat related to Cyrus), 
please feel free to drop me a line, or contact my directly in the #cyrus IRC 
channel on irc.freenode.net.

Thank you, in advance or in retrospect or both, for your contribution(s),

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen
Senior Engineer, Kolab Systems AG

e: vanmeeuwen at kolabsys.com
t: +316 42 801 403
w: http://www.kolabsys.com

pgp: 9342 BF08

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