Problem with Shared Mailbox - Cyrus Aggregation - Backend - 2.4.1

Lucas Zinato Carraro lucaszc at
Mon Oct 18 23:14:12 EDT 2010

My configuration

User Inbox         - Backend cyrus 2.4.1
+SharedFolderA - Backend cyrus 2.4.1
+SharedFolderB - Backend cyrus 2.3.16

Client used  Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.4

In File Subscribe i can see all Folders ( INBOX, SharedFolderA, SharedFolderB )
When i click in subscribe, i dont have any problem or erroneus message

I see " shared folder"  in my HOME server normal,  but folders in
another server ( SharedFolderB )
appears in Grey Italic.


"" A IMAP folder will be displayed in grey italics if the folder has a
\Noselect flag. Normally this means
 the folder can contain child folders, but not messages. [1] This is a
IMAP protocol flag, not one of
 the folder flags that can be set using the Folder Flag extension. """"

If i uncheck the option "Show only subscribed folder" in Config >>
Account >> Server >> Advanced.
I can work normal with all mailboxes...

This is the correct behavior in Cyrus 2.4.1 ?

In Cyrus 2.3.16 i dont have to set this option, i can subscribe normal in
remote mailboxes servers.

With Cyrus 2.4.0 i see the folders to subscribe, but the folders are
not avaiable i dont see
any folder, in Cyrus 2.4.1 i see this folders, but  in grey italic.


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