Cyrus IMAPd 2.4.1 Released

Dave McMurtrie dave64 at
Mon Oct 18 09:38:07 EDT 2010

I am pleased to announce the release of Cyrus IMAPd 2.4.1.  This is 
primarily a bugfix release to the 2.4 branch that fixes several bugs 
that were reported since the 2.4.0 release.

We recommend that anyone using 2.4.0 upgrade to 2.4.1.  Notable changes 
in the release are as follows:

- Fix cyrdump to work with -C for alternate config
- Change master to process all pending child messages once per loop, 
which fixes a DoS situation if there is too much message churn in a 
slower box - thanks to Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at>
- Reconstruct added flags -R, -U, -o, -O to give options handling 
corrupt or missing files
- Reconstruct fixed a pile of bugs, including a nasty one which created 
mailboxes with a UIDVALIDITY of 0
- Fixed EXPUNGE in murder
- Fixed LSUB where subscribed mailboxes are on different murder backends

For full details, please see:

URL for this release:

Special thanks go to Bron Gondwana and Henrique Holschuh for their 
contributions to this release.

Questions and comments can be directed to 
info-cyrus at (public list), or cyrus-bugs at

Thank you,

Dave McMurtrie, SPE
Email Systems Team Leader
Carnegie Mellon University,
Computing Services

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