messages in mailbox aren't\H\H\H visible

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at
Thu Oct 14 17:46:42 EDT 2010

On 10/13/2010 08:43 AM, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> Or you could do:
>      stop cyrus
>      ctl_mboxlist -d>  mailbox_list.txt
>      mv $confdir/mailboxes.db $confdir/mailboxes.db.unsorted
>      add "improved_mboxlist_sort: 1" to /etc/imapd.conf
>      ctl_mboxlist -u<  mailbox_list.txt
>      start cyrus

Thanks!  This worked perfectly, and the messages (in mailboxes for which 
they were inexplicably hidden) are now visible. It's still unclear how 
the out-of-order sorting in mailboxes.db would trigger this.

This brings back the issue of a safe, canonical procedure for moving a 
(single server) cyrus mail system to a new server.  Since particularly 
new users frequently have problems with this (including me, when I first 
started using cyrus).

I'm thinking something like this. Suppose there were a command, say 
called ctl_cyrusdb2, which offered the same features as ctl_mboxlist, 
but could be used on any cyrus db file, e.g.
  ctl_cyrusdb2 -d cyrus_db
dumps the cyrus_db database.. (The following also assumes ssh 
authorized_keys have been set.)

  On the old_cyrus_server:
  stop cyrus
  for i in `cat /var/lib/cyrus/cyrus_db_list`
    ctl_cyrusdb2 -d $i | ssh new_server "cd /var/lib/cyrus && 
ctl_cyrusdb2 -u -"
    (cd /var/spool/cyrus; tar cf - .) | ssh new_server "cd 
/var/spool/cyrus && tar xpf - "

   start cyrus on new_server and you're done -- a total of 4 
command-line commands (viewing the for as a single command).

There are a few problems with this in addition to the absence of a 
ctl_cyrusdb2, namely it's still unclear what cyrus db files are created 
and why.  On my system, I have:
  annotations.db deliver.db mailboxes.db tls_sessions.db
but also have
   __db.001  __db.002  __db.003  __db.004  __db.005  __db.006 
log.0000000001  skipstamp
  user/[a-z]/{user_name.seen, user_name.sub}

Are the contents of db important for migration?  And why isn't the stuff 
in /var/lib/cyrus/user stored in the appropriate location in 
/var/spool/cyrus?  From the file names, this seems like important 
metadata that users would want to see preserved.  I suppose all this 
could be handled with no extra knowledge on the admin user's part by 
populating the /var/lib/cyrus/cyrus_db_list file only with the database 
names necessary for successful replication of metadata.

Finally, I see many instances of the following error message in 

Oct 14 16:33:01 www cyrus/imap[32001]: IOERROR: opening 
/var/lib/cyrus/user_deny.db: No such file or directory

   touch /var/lib/cyrus/user_deny.db
is not a solution, either:

2 questions about this:

I have rsyslog configured to log all mail stuff to /var/log/mail.*; e.g.
       mail.none,news.none     -/var/log/messages

So why is anything from cyrus being written to syslog at all?  This 
message should be going to /var/log/mail.err, as far as I can tell.  Is 
this a compile-time error?

Under any circumstance, shouldn't this error message be written to the 
log files only when cyrus is started?

Patrick Goetz

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