messages in mailbox aren't visible

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at
Wed Oct 13 07:38:27 EDT 2010

On 10/12/2010 8:49 PM, Wesley Craig wrote:
> \Noselect is the result of LIST et al not finding the mailbox in question. It's not "set" per se, but returned descriptively. Given the odd sort order from ctl_mboxlist -d, incompatible sort order is why LIST can't see it.

Wes, Bron, thanks for the tremendous help/clarification with this -- 
this sounds like it could be my problem.  Just one more question, 
because the documentation is a bit unclear.  I think what I need to do is:

   stop cyrus
   add "improved_mboxlist_sort: 1" to /etc/imapd.conf
   ctl_mboxlist -d -x > mailbox_list.txt
   ctl_mboxlist -u < mailbox_list.txt
   start cyrus

There is, however a comment on the man page which is confusing:

   -x     When performing a dump, remove the  mailboxes
          dumped  from  the mailbox list (mostly useful
          when specified with -p)

Why is this flag mostly useful when specified with -p?  Don't I need to 
remove the contents of the old mboxlist under any circumstances if I 
plan to reload on the same machine, or will ctl_mboxlist dump the 
contents automatically as soon as I execute a -u load?

Finally, assuming this works and based on my experience, it seems that 
the improved sorting system should just become the default in cyrus 
2.4.x, with the improved_mboxlist_sort deprecated and perhaps even 
disabled.  Not being able to sort with "non-ascii" characters like -_ is 
going to be counterintuitive to most people.

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