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Sat Oct 9 12:38:27 EDT 2010

Imapsync with the proxy user is a third option during migration.  I tested imapsync previously and it worked.  But rsync was much faster.

As to index consistency, I run the backups from an lvm snapshot.


"Simon Matter" <simon.matter at> wrote:

>> On 10/9/2010 7:23 AM, Michael D. Sofka wrote:
>>> I can either rsync just the mail messages to the warm backup, and then
>>> reconstruct the index files. Or, I can take a slight detour, and upgrade
>>> the warm backup server to 2.3.16.
>> This is something I've been wondering, too.  The problem with not
>> copying the indexes is that presumably you lose all the metadata.  And
>> if you rsync /var/spool/cyrus/mail it would seem to me that you run the
>> risk of the index being out of sync with the mail spool; i.e. the only
>> way to safely use rsync is
>>     stop cyrus
>>     rsync
>>     restart cyrus
>> Which isn't practical for some environments.
>> imapsync seems to work fairly well and doesn't suffer from any race
>> conditions like this, however requires that you have each user's imap
>> password.  The solution that I'm considering is creating a dummy user
>Fortunately there is no need to do so :)
>All you need is defining a user in the "proxyservers" option in imapd.conf
>and use this one to authenticate with imapsync. It works very well.
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