cyradm and allowing only encrypted passwords with 2.3.16?

Wesley Craig wes at
Mon Oct 4 09:41:47 EDT 2010

On 04 Oct 2010, at 01:09, Patrick Goetz wrote:
> I was having problems making Cyrus 2.2.x work with only encrypted
> passwords.  Setting
>   allowplaintext: no
> in imapd.conf prevents plain text logins, but then cyradm stops working:
>   ibis:~etc$ cyradm localhost
>   Login disabled.
>   cyradm: cannot authenticate to server as pgoetz
> I thought this was fixed in 2.3.x, but apparently not.  I'm having
> exactly the same problem.  If I set allowplaintext: no, then cyradm
> stops working as described above.

TLS isn't available to Cyrus::IMAP pre 2.3.2.  I expect it's a bug.  Perhaps it's similar to the problems in the C code, e.g., comparing available & offered authN mechanisms, calling starttls, re-retriving available mechanisms, etc.


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