Sync_client fails after upgrade 2.3.16 to 2.4.4

Patrick Boutilier boutilpj at
Mon Nov 29 10:07:07 EST 2010

On 11/29/2010 10:52 AM, Chris Conn wrote:
>> As for your earlier errors...
>> There is a bug with sync_crc calculation in 2.4.4, so I would recommend
>> waiting for 2.4.5 before upgrading again.  I'm hoping we can release
>> 2.4.5 very soon, and Kolab will be building their RPMs pretty quickly
>> too I imagine.
> Hello,
> I'm hoping that this version will fix my issue with replication I posted
> to the list a few days back.  I am going to build 2.4.5 today.
> What I am seeing is that replication goes bonkers at 04:02 when the
> servers replicating to each other send their logrotate messages, I start
> having CRC check issues, no mailbox found errors and everything barfs.
> Both servers are sending that inane log scan message to the same
> mailbox, whatever the root alias is.
> What is most interesting is that the replication seems stuck on a
> message it sync'ed hours ago, trying to append to the existing file that
> from what I can tell is identical on both servers.  Reconstructing does
> nothing, I have to unlink manually the file in the mailbox in question,
> reconstruct, and then things start working again.


> so my only solution was to delete the 16. file under user.user, which
> was an email that was successfully replicated at 00:15 am that same day.
> So is this the same bug?
> In any case, this happens every day when the logrotate emails get sent
> from master to slave and slave to master, as they are sending a
> different email to the same mailbox roughly at the same time.  Hopefully
> running 2.4.5 will avoid this?

I didn't think that the slave was supposed to be setup to accept 
incoming mail?

> Chris
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