murder with v2.4.4 and delete mailbox problem

Sebastian Schaefer cyrus at
Sun Nov 28 19:29:47 EST 2010


I'm trying to delete an user mailbox, but have some problems with it...

in cyradm (on the backend):
> cm user.test.pp
> sam user.test.pp mailadmin c
> dm user.test.pp
deletemailbox: bad parameters to function
> lm
DELETED.user.test.pp.4CF2ECDB (\HasNoChildren)
user.test (\HasNoChildren)

in the maillog file i see the following...

Nov 29 00:59:24 mailbe3 imap[5343]: MUPDATE: can't commit mailbox entry
for 'DELETED.user.test.pp.4CF2ECDB'
Nov 29 00:59:24 mailbe3 imap[5343]: Deleted mailbox

in the imapd.conf i have

delete_mode: delayed
disconnect_on_vanished_mailbox: 1
expunge_mode: delayed

i'm running cyrus-imapd 2.4.4 (the kolab rpm's)

first only on the backend (2.3.16 on the murder)
now i've updated the murder side too and have the same errors...

any idea?


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