Upgrading Front-end and Master machines.

Michael D. Sofka sofkam at rpi.edu
Mon Nov 15 16:39:26 EST 2010

My back-end server is now a new cyrus 2.3.16 machine.  I also have a 
temporary replication server (more on that later).  It is now time to 
upgrade the front-end servers and the db master.  Is there a preferred 
upgrade order?  Can two different versions of the front-end co-exist?

I would like to upgrade one of the front-end servers, and if after a day 
or two there are no issues, update the other.   I don't really care when 
the db master is upgraded, but I would like to do it in the correct 
order (before or after all the front-end servers are upgraded).

I am concerned about the "user_deny.db" and Thunderbird 3 problem.  For 
now, people are connecting to 2.2.12 front-end machines.  If I upgrade 
them, will there be a problem?  Will a 2.3.17 patch fixing this come out?

I mention that the replication server is temporary.  I'm using 
``borrowed'' SAN disks.  One of the old back-end servers is being 
rebuilt with new OS, Cyrus, iSCSI disks, etc.   When the time comes, how 
do I go about replacing the replication server?   Rsync the data, switch 
in the new server, and run sync_client -u?  Or, is there a better way?

Thank You.

Michael D. Sofka               sofkam at rpi.edu
C&MT Sr. Systems Programmer,   Email, HPC, TeX, Epistemology
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.  http://www.rpi.edu/~sofkam/

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