Experiment to test TCP keepalive for pop3d proxies

Wesley Craig wes at umich.edu
Fri May 28 15:49:41 EDT 2010

On 28 May 2010, at 12:42, Gary Mills wrote:
>  0805e4ee proxy_check_input (815d168, 81a7228, 819e520, 81a3d60,  
> 81a7700, 0) + 5e

That last argument to proxy_check_input()?  It's the timeout.   
Setting it to 0 means "don't time out".  I'm sure the theory is that  
the underlying select() will return when the backend's poptimeout  
happens, and the connection is closed.  It would be good to know why  
that's not happening as expected.  Of course, the fact that bitpipe()  
isn't checking the return value of prot_flush() is also bug.


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