cyrus replication and RENAME problem

Markus Rebensburg rebensburg at
Thu May 27 08:46:07 EDT 2010

Hi list,

we have a cyrus murder cluster with two frontends,two backends and two
replication servers, all running cyrus version 2.3.14. Each backend has
two partitions. The two backends are replicated to the replication
servers using the cyrus replication mechanism (sync_client -r). The
replication servers have an identical partition scheme.

Now to our problem:

When I move a mailbox from one partition to the other partition on the
same backend without changing the name of this mailbox (example command
in cyradm: 'rename user.testa user.testa raid1'), nothing happens on the
replication server but the mailbox is successfully moved on the
backend.  But when I also change the name of the mailbox while moving it
(example:  'rename user.testa user.testb raid1') the replication works
file and the mailbox on the replication server also changes the name and
the partition.

I haven't found anything in this mailing list about a possible solution
to this problem, maybe it is an unknown bug or maybe a 'feature'? 

Can anyone help me?

Renaming forth and back is a way, but not a really good solution to this

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