lmtpd not delivering mail

Dan White dwhite at olp.net
Mon May 24 22:59:50 EDT 2010

On 24/05/10 21:44 -0400, Matt Young wrote:
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>I am having a problem with lmtpd.  All of a sudden, it stopped
>delivering mail that I send to myself.  I have several aliases and
>sending from any of them/to any of them always fails.  I have a log
>snippet that shows the failure.  It appears that the mail is recieved
>and passes the spam check.  It is then passed to lmtpd for delivery
>and then it disappears.  It never makes it to the mailbox!  I have
>updated spam assassin as well as amavisd.  This problem is so
>confusing, I decided to join this list to ask for help.
>here is the log snippet:


Your logs look good to me. Are you sure there isn't a client issue
involved, like a client side move/delete filter?

You could rule that out by enabling telemetry logging. See



mkdir <configdirectory>/log/myuser at domain.com
chown cyrus:mail <configdirectory>/log/myuser at domain.com

However, that will only capture activity done under the myuser at domain.com
user. If you allow any other users access to the mailbox, they will need to
have their own directories created underneath log.

Dan White

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