cyrus processes & maxchild

Berend de Boer berend at
Wed May 12 19:40:38 EDT 2010

>>>>> "Maria" == Maria McKinley <maria at> writes:

    Maria> Hi there, I have a problem with my mail program hanging
    Maria> when too many processes are spawned by cyrus. The problem
    Maria> seems to occur when the maxchild limit is reached. I was
    Maria> wondering what is suppose to happen when the maxchild limit
    Maria> is reached, because at this point, I have to restart cyrus
    Maria> when this happens. What would happen if I removed the
    Maria> maxchild limit entirely?

Can't you limit the number of processes started by cyrus? See
/etc/cyrus.conf where I have seen maxchild settings. Never used it though.


Berend de Boer

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