Cyrus active-active cluster checklist

Andre Nathan andre at
Wed May 12 13:17:18 EDT 2010


I've been keeping a list of configuration changes to setup Cyrus in an
active-active two-node cluster (I'm using DRBD and OCFS2 for that).

Here's the list of things I have so far:

* Don't use BerkeleyDB (set all databases which default to berkeley to 
* Under configdirectory, move the "log", "proc", "db" and "socket" 
  directories to local storage and symlink (or mount -obind) them to
  avoid conflicts between the two cyrus instances;
* Change the append_newstage() function in imap/append.c to add some 
  host information to the "stage." file names, to avoid PID clashes 
  between the two cluster nodes;

Dave McMurtrie has also suggested me modifying the mmap() call in the
map_refresh() function to use MAP_PRIVATE instead of MAP_SHARED for
performance reasons. Is anyone aware of any side effects that this could

Any input on this list would be really appreciated. I think it's
important to keep a list of things like this that people thinking about
a similar setup can refer to (or give up on the idea :)


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