local mailbox %s wrong in mailbox list in cyrus 2.3.15

karen turner karen.turner at opus.co.nz
Sat Mar 27 19:33:42 EDT 2010

On Sunday 28 March 2010, Dan White wrote:
> On 28/03/10 11:29 +1300, karen turner wrote:

> >What is the purpose of it checking for a ! on a local mail box line?
> >A ! is used as a separator, when specifying a remote server, when its a
> > remote mailbox.
> I have not seen that error, but a ! in the local mailbox list (ctl_mboxlist
> -d) denotes the existence of a virtual domain, e.g.:
> example.org!user.kerri

That's interesting.  I don't use virtual domains.  

But I wonder then if the check in the code is wrong and should only check for 
a missing ! on local mail box line, for virtual domains.

But this explains why the check is in the code in the first place - thanks.
Luckily all it does is syslog an error, and up the error count.

I've currently commented the syslog line out.  I didn't want a thousand 
messages suddenly sent to my syslog virtually all at once :-).  
But that is not the proper fix.  I suspect that the proper fix may be to test 
for virtual domains.


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