sieve vacation filter not working for one user

Maria McKinley maria at
Thu Mar 18 04:42:03 EDT 2010

Simon Matter wrote:
>> Can anyone tell me where the file(s) with list of email addresses that
>> have been sent a vacation reply lives in a debian installation? I can't
>> seem to find it.
> Hi,
> I think what you are looking for is deliver.db in $configdir. Don't know
> on Debian but on my systems it's /var/lib/imap/deliver.db.
> Regards,
> Simon

Thanks, I found it. Didn't answer my question though, since I can't read 
it. Wanted to see if my test email sent to a user on vacation was read, 
and entered into the database, but for some reason the vacation response 
didn't work, or if it didn't even get that far. Is it possible/likely 
that this could have been corrupted, and that is why I have a user whose 
vacation sieve doesn't work? It seems like this file must be used by all 
users. Is it used for anything besides vacations? What would happen if I 
deleted it?


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