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Quoting Diego Ventrice <fordcarnut at>:

> Danke Marc, clearer now.
> And sure, I'll take answers from anyone.
> About this:
>> What do you think files named "header", "index", "cache", "expunge" and
>> "squat" in this context contain? ;)
> Ich denke  this are the cyrus header index and cache files generally
> stored on each mailbox folder.
> I can imagine what they do but not sure and I wouldnt mind about a
> little explanation =)

most of the time cyrus does not need to access the message file (####.)
but uses the cyrus.* files. These files are small compared to the sum
of the message files.

By defining a metapartition you can use fast but expensiv storage like SSDs
for the metadata and other storage for the mails.

> About expunge and squat, keine Idee about what they are for and where
> they reside
> expunge: index file with messages marked for deletion ?
> Thanks again
> D.
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