Marc Patermann hans.moser at
Wed Mar 17 04:56:14 EDT 2010


Diego Ventrice schrieb:
> Andrew,
> Could  you just exlplain to me the metapartition ?
Don't you want answers from anyone else? ;)

> What info is kept there and which is there regular location ?
> metapartition-p1: /var/spool/cyrus/mail/meta1
> metapartition_files: index cache expunge squat
So, you found the metapartition_files directive and still want to know 
what it does?

metapartition_files: <empty string>
     Space-separated list of metadata files to be stored on a 
metapartition rather than in the mailbox directory on a spool partition.

     Allowed values: header, index, cache, expunge, squat
metapartition-name: <none>
     The pathname of the metadata partition name, corresponding to spool 
partition partition-name. For any mailbox residing in a directory on 
partition-name, the metadata files listed in metapartition_files will be 
stored in a corresponding directory on metapartition-name. Note that not 
every partition-name option is required to have a corresponding 
metapartition-name option, so that you can selectively choose which 
spool partitions will have separate metadata partitions.
[man imapd.conf]

What do you think files named "header", "index", "cache", "expunge" and 
"squat" in this context contain? ;)


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