Some broken cyrus. files may be hanging new versions of thunderbird 3.0.x

Carl Brewer carl at
Mon Mar 15 16:35:33 EDT 2010

I'm running into a problem with Thunderbird 3 (3.0.3, but I got it with 
3.0 as well) with an account hosted on a Cyrus IMAP server running cyrus 
2.2.13 on NetBSD from NetBSD's pkgsrc system.

The symptom is that Thunderbird hangs forever saying "looking for 
folders".  The cause is, I suspect, some brain damage in Thunderbird 3 
that chokes on some IMAP error messages.  I have 4 IMAP accounts running 
from the same server and the other three are ok, and the one that fails 
works ok with Squirrelmail and also older Thunderbird 2.0.x releases. 
So the other MUA's cope with whatever Cyrus is telling them, but T3 
hangs forever, I think it's trying to be too clever with indexing, but I 
can't be sure.

I've tried to use reconstruct to rebuild the account in Cyrus as one of 
the email sub folders was broken, but I can't find the 'right way' to 
reconstruct the cyrus. files in an account.  reconstruct -r doesn't 
rebuild them as far as I can tell.  Can anyone here advise me as to the 
best way to fix up a possibly slightly corrupt cyrus user directory tree 
with cyrus. files that are broken and/or missing?



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