cyrus + postfix + lmtpd questions

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Quoting Diego V <fordcarnut at>:

> Id really appreciate if someone could explain a couple of things im confused
> about.
> As far as I can see lmtpd is in cyrus.conf,  its spawned by cyrus master and
> is part of cyrus.
> But, what is it for ?

lmtp is the protocol that is used to deliver mails to cyrus. It is
simelar to smtp. The cyrus lmtpd is waiting for mail from the mail  
transfer agent, postfix in your case.

> For example, if cyrus is set as the local delivery agent on Postfix,
> does cyrus use its lmtpd anyway ?
> Does not cyrus have its own delivery agent ? why the need to use lmtpd ?

There are some old config examples out there that use the cyrus  
deliver command instead of the lmtp protocol. So i don't know if lmtp  
or cyrus deliver is used
if cyrus is set as local delivery agent on Postfix. AFAIK cyrus  
deliver use the cyrus lmtpd to deliver the mail, so you still need the  
cyrus lmtpd running and should use lmtp if possible.

> In short, Im confused about the differences between Postfix lmtp and Cyrus
> lmtpd and how they interact.

If you configure postfix to use lmtp the lmtp client of postfix will  
talk to the lmtp server (lmtpd) of cyrus.

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