virtual domain admins

Milen Dimov milen at
Fri Mar 12 05:49:58 EST 2010

Hello All,

We host big number of virtual domains. When a new domain has to be
created, we have to add an entry for its administrator to "admins"
parameter in the configuration file. To keep things organized, we keep
the admins list in a file that is included in imapd.conf. Even with this
setup, with the number of domains growing, this file become hassle to
maintain. Another disadvantage of this setup is that it requires restart
of the server when admin is added/removed.

Did anyone has implemented different approach for authorizing virtual
domain admins? Is it possible to implement domain admin to be authorized
according group membership, for example? We use LDAP authentication with
saslauthd and LDAP authorization with ptloader.


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