Recovering cyrus users and folders from backup

Diego V fordcarnut at
Thu Mar 11 10:18:42 EST 2010

Update from my first post:

Created a new folder from thunderbird, copied some messages from another
folder into it and no problem, I can see those messages (all this  from
I can see those messages on the server too of course. Now, I copy files from
another folder into that new folder (not from the client but from the
server), run reconstruct and cant see them either.
Same thing thats keeping me from seeing the backed up folders.

Already check permissions also from cyradm:
lam user.diego
diego lrswipkxtecda
Pleaaasee. Somebody help me on this.


>My cyrus server discs died and I was just able to recover some of the data.

>I have almost everything from /var/spool/imap but none from /var/lib/imap

>Thus I copy just one user's mailbox for testing. I created that user again
with cyradm, then copied all >messages to its /var/spool/imap/f/user/foouser
folder. Run reconstruct for that mailbox.
>So far so good. Now, when trying to check mails both from outlook and
thunderbird I can see the folders >but no single message inside them.

>Both partitions have permissions set. chown -R cyrus.mail . chmod -R 750

>Apparently, clients are looking where they should. I get these lines on
maillog when I ty to browse a >folder:
>open: user xxx opened INBOX.folder
 >open: user xxx opened INBOX.folder2

>No messages are shown though but all files are on those mail folders. Ive
run every database or mailbox >reconstruction utility with no success.

>I would really REALLY appreciate any help-

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