Recovering crashed cyrus server partitions

Diego V fordcarnut at
Mon Mar 8 23:52:58 EST 2010

Hi everyone,

Im having a really bad time restoring  my imap server.

My cyrus server discs died and I was just able to recover some of the data.
I have almost everything from /var/spool/imap but none from /var/lib/imap

Thus I copy just one user's mailbox for testing. I created that user again
with cyradm, then copied all messages to its /var/spool/imap/f/user/foouser
folder. Run reconstruct for that mailbox.
So far so good. Now, when trying to check mails both from outlook and
thunderbird I cant see any messages.

Boht partiotions have permissions set. chown -R cyrus.mail . chmod -R 750

Apparently, clients are looking where they should. I get these lines on
maillog when I ty to browse a folder:
open: user xxx opened INBOX.folder
 open: user xxx opened INBOX.folder2

No messages are shown though but all files are on those mail folders. Ive
run every database or mailbox reconstruction utility with no success.

I would really REALLY appreciate any help-

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