Cyrus backend crashing (Solaris)

David Mayo D.J.Mayo at
Wed Jul 21 04:44:42 EDT 2010

On 20/07/10 17:13, Gary Mills wrote:

>> When trying to diagnose the issue, on any attempt to run ps, prstat or
>> to HUP the syslogd process (to set the log level for imapd to "debug")
>> the command hangs and cannot be exited with Ctrl+C. Similarly, attempts
>> to kill the master process or shut down the system (even bypassing the
>> shutdown scripts by using "reboot") do not have any effect
> This happened to me about a year ago with Cyrus on a Solaris 10
> server.  The cause was a deadlock in one of the kernel ZFS modules.
> The problem is fixed in the current Solaris patches.

Thanks, this feels the most likely cause to me. I'll schedule some 
upgrade time!

To answer the others who replied, we're not running out of swap space or 
using Berkeley DBs at all. I hadn't considered hardware problems, but if 
the issues persist after the upgrade we'll have to involve 
Sun^H^H^HOracle who own the hardware anyway so they will know what tests 
to run to investigate this option further.



David Mayo
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