Dan White dwhite at
Mon Jul 19 09:38:07 EDT 2010

On 19/07/10 05:39 -0500, Syren Baran wrote:
>i am experiencing a weird behavior connecting to the imap server
>directly via telnet.
>If logged in as a user the command
>. list "" "INBOX.%"
>only returns the subfolders of INBOX, wheres being logged in as the
>cyrus user and issuing the command
>. list "domain.tld" ""

To get the expected list, try:

. list "" ""

 From RFC 3501:

     The character "*" is a wildcard, and matches zero or more
     characters at this position.  The character "%" is similar to "*",
     but it does not match a hierarchy delimiter.  If the "%" wildcard
     is the last character of a mailbox name argument, matching levels
     of hierarchy are also returned.  If these levels of hierarchy are
     not also selectable mailboxes, they are returned with the
     \Noselect mailbox name attribute (see the description of the LIST
     response for more details).

Dan White

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