Cyrus Aggegator ( Murder ) auth questions, how to test authentication.

Lucas Zinato Carraro lucaszc at
Fri Jul 16 22:49:59 EDT 2010

 +  Can i use differentes methods for authentication ( user: ldap, mupdate +
backend, backend + backend : sasldb ) ?
( for example users auth in frontend with saslauthd: ldap  but   frontends
auth in mupdate
and backends using /etc/sasldb2 , and auth between backend using another
mech )

Consider that im not using REFERALL  ( proxyd_disable_mailbox_referrals:  1
) .

+ How to test if proxy user is working correctly ?    Its correctly to use:
imtest -t "" -a proxyuser -u user   backendserver.domain

Its possible to do this with imap commands in telnet session ??

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