Debug sieved "READY state: terminated abnormally"

Dan White dwhite at
Wed Jul 7 17:16:42 EDT 2010

On 07/07/10 21:20 +0200, David Touzeau wrote:
>dear all
>i have my sieved crash all the time and i would like to know why :
>Jul 7 20:52:32 mail cyrus/master[14098]: about to exec 
>Jul 7 20:52:32 mail cyrus/master[11876]: process 14098 exited, status 1
>Jul 7 20:52:32 mail cyrus/master[11876]: service sieve pid 14098 in 
>READY state: terminated abnormally

>Is there a way (in configuration file) to define a verbose/debug mode ??

There are some good debugging tips in Debian's README.Debian.debug file:

You may also get additional syslog information by configuring something
similar to:

local6.debug  /var/log/imapd.log
auth.debug /var/log/auth.log

in your syslog config, and by adding:

sasl_log_level: 7

to imapd.conf.

Dan White

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