Problems with murder on debian

"Clément Hermann (nodens)" nodens2099 at
Mon Jul 5 03:54:50 EDT 2010


Le 03/07/2010 21:02, Oscar Nuñez a écrit :
> I'm using the package from the repository of debian lenny, ie:
> cyrus-admin-2.2; cyrus-clients-2.2; cyrus-common-2.2;cyrus-imapd-2.2 and
> cyrus-murder-2.2
> all of them in the version 2.2.13-14+lenny3.
>         When I try to access through SELECT INBOX to a user account from
>         frontend to
>         backend the follow error appear:
>         . NO Server(s) unavailable to complete operation
>         In the log appear:
>         connect(server) failed: Invalid argument

It could be a missing protocol in /etc/services, or maybe a DNS problem.

Check that you can connect to the backend from the frontend with imtest 
using the exact names provided in the mailbox list, also check that the 
names of mupdate server in the configuration file is correct.
> I will try to install cyrus from source. Maybe this error be a bug of
> the debian package.

FYI, we use the stock debian packages for our murder setup, and it 
worked fine for two years now.


Clément Hermann (nodens)

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