Problems with murder on debian

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Sat Jul 3 15:02:58 EDT 2010

Thanks for you answer Dan.

On Sat, Jul 3, 2010 at 12:14 AM, Dan White <dwhite at> wrote:

> On 02/07/10 20:55 -0400, Oscar Nuñez wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I have an Cyrus murder (on Debian Lenny) that is very small: 1 mupdate, 1
>> frontend and 1 backend.
>> The backend and mupdate is ok. The problem is the frontend.
> Are you using the stock Debian versions or something different?

I'm using the package from the repository of debian lenny, ie:
cyrus-admin-2.2; cyrus-clients-2.2; cyrus-common-2.2;cyrus-imapd-2.2 and
all of them in the version 2.2.13-14+lenny3.

>  When I try to access through SELECT INBOX to a user account from frontend
>> to
>> backend the follow error appear:
>> . NO Server(s) unavailable to complete operation
>> In the log appear:
>> connect(server) failed: Invalid argument
> Here appear some problems with the package of debian, meabe must install
Cyrus from source.

> The two threads above focused on the proxyd authentication between the
> frontend and backend. Verify that you can proxy authenticate on the
> frontend, i.e.:
> imtest -v -m plain -a frontend -u <proxied_user> <backend host/ip>
I checked the authentication from frontend to backend with the command
imtest and is OK, no problem.

Check /var/log/auth.log on the backend for errors.
> Check your mailboxes db on the front end (ctl_mboxlist -d), and make sure
> that the frontend can resolve the name of the backend server name that
> appears in your mailbox list. For instance, if your mailboxes list claims
> that user.jsmith resides on 'backend', you may need to put that in your
> /etc/hosts.
> The frontend resolve the name of the backend.

> --
> Dan White

I will try to install cyrus from source. Maybe this error be a bug of the
debian package.

Oscar Núñez
Estudiante Ing. Civil Electrónica
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María - Casa Central
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