How to migrate mail to a new server

J. Roeleveld joost at
Thu Feb 18 06:00:58 EST 2010

Hi All,

I have been reading the thread about using "xfer" to migrate to a different 
server or to use imapsync instead.
Both methods appear to require some additional work and I would prefer to 
simply copy the data across instead of using synchronization tools on live 
servers. (It's not a requirement to keep the email accessible during the 

I have around 21GB of mail to copy across and was wondering how best to do 
The mail server can (and most likely will) be stopped during the transfer.

Will it be sufficient to simply copy the "/var/imap" and "/var/spool/imap" 
folders across?
The contents of "/var/spool/imap" are all the emails and the db-files and such 
appear to be in "/var/imap"

Or will this cause problems and is there a better/recommended method of doing 

Many thanks in advance,

Joost Roeleveld

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