Using xfer to migrate mailboxes to a new server

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On 15 feb 2010, at 15.59, Elver Loho wrote:

> On 15 February 2010 16:21, Kevin Kobb <kkobb at> wrote:
>> The last time we moved to new hardware, I used imapsync to migrate all
>> the mailboxes to the new hardware. We moved from a different IMAP server
>> to Cyrus, and this worked great. I don't know if this work as well now
>> moving from Cyrus to Cyrus, as I don't think it would pick up quotas and
>> believe xfer will.
> imapsync sounds like it could be the right tool for the job. Thanks!
> I'll check it out :)
> Best,
> Elver
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I did

1. create new mailboxes on target server and added quotas

2. The below
XXX.YYY.COM:/home # more /tmp/ 
./imapsync  --host1 --user1 per --passfile1 /root/passfile-per --authmech1 plain --host2 XXX.YYY.COM --user
2 per --passfile2 /root/passfile-per --authmech2 plain --delete2  --expunge2 --syncinternaldates --subscribe --syncacls --ex
clude 'Other Users.*' --exclude 'Shared Folders.*'
./imapsync  --host1 --user1 john --passfile1 /root/passfile-john --authmech1 plain --host2 XXX.YYY.COM --user2 john 
--passfile2 /root/passfile-john --authmech2 plain --delete2  --expunge2 --syncinternaldates --subscribe --syncacls --exclude 'Other
 Users.*' --exclude 'Shared Folders.*'
---cut the rest----

It's resonalbe fast

The bad thing is that you need all passwords.

So this is not an ideal solution, but for sure it works great when you don't have all the time you would like to dig for a better solution. I did this for only 20-30 persons and could therefor live with the password issue. A few of them had mailboxes of 3-6 GB each. 

Hope it could be of any help

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