Backup strategy for large mailbox stores

Andy Bennett andyjpb at
Tue Feb 16 17:31:31 EST 2010


> Is there really a significant downside to performing backups on a hot 
> cyrus mailstore?  Should I care if Suzie's INBOX was backed up at 3am and 
> Sally's INBOX was backed up at 4am?

Whilst Cyrus is running, the state of any databases might be 
inconsistent on disk. This will mean you might have to reconstruct 
mailboxes that are restored from backups.

Also, if a user's folders are backed up with folder 'a' first and folder 
'b' second then, if a user moves a message from folder 'b' to folder 'a' 
during the course of the backup then that message may not appear in the 
backup at all.


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