Backup strategy for large mailbox stores

Vincent Fox vbfox at
Tue Feb 16 12:35:56 EST 2010

Michael Bacon wrote:
> For those of you doing ZFS, what do you use to back up the data after a zfs 
> snapshot?  We're currently on UFS, and would love to go to ZFS, but haven't 
> figured out how to replace ufsdump in our backup strategy.
There are other commercial backup solutions however we were
already a NetBackup shop.  So we simply set our backups to run
against the mail at yesterday path. A locally-written script managing
the snapshot process  rolls @yesterday into a date-coded format
e.g. mail at 20100214 before doing the new @yesterday snapshot.
It also destroys the 15th snapshot.

The snapshot path is a "real" filesystem that
is traversible it's just read-only.  So other backup
solutions like Amanda, star, etc. should work fine.
I expect everything except ufsdump should work
fine and really, doing backups on a hot filesystem with
as much activity as Cyrus seems pretty iffy anyhow.

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