Backup strategy for large mailbox stores

John Madden jmadden at
Mon Feb 15 18:34:34 EST 2010

Out of curiousity, how good is zfs with full fs scans when running in  
the 100-million file count range?  What do you see in terms of  
aggregate MB/s throughput?

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Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana
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On Feb 15, 2010, at 15:43, "Vincent Fox" <vbfox at> wrote:

> John Madden wrote:
>> We did quite a bit with snapshots (LVM) to when we were experimenting
>> with block-level backups but there's a performance problem there --  
>> we
>> were saturating GbE.  Snapshot doesn't really buy you anything in
>> terms of getting the data to tape.
> We run the tape backup from previous night snapshot, that way we  
> know it's a
> read-only copy and nothing in flight.  All of our usage so far has  
> been
> "I deleted
> all my mail 2 days ago" and we retrieve that from snapshots.  For our
> day-to-day
> purposes nobody interacts with the tape except we know it's there  
> for DR.

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