ability to disable shared namespace?

John Madden jmadden at ivytech.edu
Sat Feb 13 18:38:32 EST 2010

I wrote a couple months ago about "proxyd high cpu usage" and the problems scanning large mailbox spaces just to see if anything is available causes us.  I worked around the issue by hard-coding the namespace IMP uses rather than letting it detect it from the server.  Unfortunately, that only fixes one IMAP client.  Blackberry users are causing havoc though, thousands of them remaining connected all the time and their mail checks coming in waves that drive load averages on frontends over 300.  

I'm wondering if there is support anywhere for hard-coding the namespace clients see.  We don't use shared folders (impractical with 400k users anyway) so it would be nice to just turn that functionality off or at least hide it.  Can it be done?  I'm can't use altnamespace at this time (affects the clients).  Unfortunately, the problem is bad enough that I'm "this close" to writing an imap proxy that supports client-side SSL that will allow me to tweak the do this on the fly.


John Madden
Sr UNIX Systems Engineer
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana
jmadden at ivytech.edu

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