Dan White dwhite at
Wed Feb 10 00:01:25 EST 2010

On 08/02/10 23:14 +0100, Richard Pijnenburg wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have websieve running to test sieve out.
>I've setup 2 simple rules.
>1.       Vacation message
>2.       Forward
>In both cases they aren't being executed.
>I have found the rules in the sieve directory and they both seem okay.
>I have the idea that sieve isn't executed at all.
>Is there something I need to add to the cyrus or postfix config to make it

Did you upload the scripts via protocol (timsieved) or did you copy them
directly in place in the filesystem?

Do you see a defaultbc symlink or sieve bytecode in the user's sieve dir?

Dan White

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