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Quoting Matthias Wulkow <matthias.wulkow at>:

> Hello,
> I have imported quite a big amount of mails from another mailsystem
> (drag and drop from a PC from one account to another within the same
> client - the old one was a kind of Exchange account (software known as
> ShareFolder) and the new one a cyrus imap account (new & empty at that
> moment)).
> By importing, all flags read/unread have been lost. The annoying part is
> the status of the reception notifications. All mails are marked as
> unread and therefore the client wants to send a notification.

The read/unread flag should be keept, but i guess you copied them with
an other account. So the flags are only visible to the user who copied
the mails.
> To increase the problem, the new account is now a shared folder where
> quite a few people access to the mails and each user has his own mail
> reading status.

You need to set the sharedseen annotation.

Form Change log   "Changes to the Cyrus IMAP Server since 2.3.9"

Added support for a shared \Seen flag on messages (must be
enabled on a per-mailbox basis with the
/vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/sharedseen mailbox annotation.

I don't know which seen status would be used if you enable the annotation now.

> I guess the only way to delete this unwanted automatic notification is
> to erase in each mail the 2 lines indicating that a notification is
> requested (in each sub-folder etc...). Is that right?

I would not recomand editing the mails. If you still have the mails on the old
you could create an shared mailbox with the annotation and copy them  
to this mailbox.

> For that I would need to make a script which looks for these 2 lines:
> - X-Confirm-Reading-To: <addr>
> - Disposition-Notification-To: <addr>
> The question is now, what happens to the cyrus.* files? I guess they
> will become corrupt. Is recontruct the right tool then to make it all
> work again afterwards?

man reconstruct

> PS: as I am not the best scripter, any help with such a script is welcome...
> Thank you!
> Best regards,
> Matthias
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