Information about your Cyrus installation

Dave McMurtrie dave64 at
Tue Feb 2 07:35:55 EST 2010

Dave McMurtrie wrote:
> Hello Cyrus users,
> First, please allow me to apologize for this slightly off-topic message. 
>   I'll ask that all replies be sent directly to me so the list doesn't 
> become too cluttered.
> I'm scheduled to do a presentation about Cyrus IMAP at the upcoming 
> Jasig conference.  You can read more information about it here if you're 
> interested: 
> I'm looking for some basic feedback from those of you who are running 
> Cyrus IMAP.


Thanks to all the folks who have taken the time to respond.  I hope to 
see you in San Diego!

Dave McMurtrie, SPE
Email Systems Team Leader
Carnegie Mellon University,
Computing Services

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