delete_mode: delayed not always working?

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at
Wed Sep 23 07:04:47 EDT 2009


we're running 2.3.14 with "delete_mode: delayed" in /etc/imapd.conf 
(actually it's the default in Simon Matter's RPM). It's generally working 
fine, and I have restored a few accidentally deleted mailboxes this way. 
But today there was a case where a mailbox seems to have been deleted 
immediately. Here's what I've found:

Sep 22 11:41:39 lvr13 imap[3032]: Deleted mailbox

It may be important to know that the mailbox in question had an ACL that 
allowed other users access. One of the other users accidentally deleted it, 
not the owner!

So I looked for the mailbox, but it couldn't be found:

> lm DELETED/user/xxx/*

The output of "ctl_mboxlist -d  | grep DELETED" didn't include it, either. 
Fortunately I had a flashcopy from which I could restore the mailbox, but 
still I wonder what happened. Before I look at the code myself, I wanted to 
ask if someone knows offhand if there are known circumstances that cause 
mailboxes to be deleted immediately.

NB: it couldn't have been expunged in the meantime. We call cyr_expire like 
this: cyr_expire -E 3 -X 3 -D 3. There isn't a cyr_expire line for that 
mailbox, either.
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