Same mailbox with different logins

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I haven't taken the time to read the other replies but we here allow  
people to log in with username OR firstname.lastname at

(At the bottom of the reply is a question regarding canon plugin and  
shared folders)

The users are connecting to a perdition proxy that does login name  
translation to firstname.lastname at and redirect the  
connection to the correct backend (we have 7 backends).

Also, we have one of the 7 back ends with the patched saslauthd.

On this backend we have 'shared mailboxes'.  These are mailboxes that  
are shared amongst several people.  The all log in with a the login  
name of the shared mailbox. BUT the password they have to use is their  
**personal** password.

Our saslauthd goes to LDAP to fetch all information.  The credentials  
of the shared mailbox are also in the ldap.  It holds references to  
the people who are allowed to log in.

If I would have to do it again. I would not the C code in saslauthd!   
But I would write my own saslauthd daemon.  This is trivial, but I did  
not know that back then :).

Some other opinions:
- renaming a mailbox in cyrus is not difficult, as Bron has shown
- it still is a pain in the ass to have the mailbox name of the user  
tied to their real name

Renames are not so frequent, but still you have to do some book  
keeping on whose name belonged to which mailbox in the past.  E.g.  
people who change their sex change their name too, but want to still  
receive mail sent to their old name.  (Fix this with an alias.)

If I would have to redo our setup I would go with
- some_id at
- rewriting whatever.they.want at to some_id at with a  
proxy in front of it (IMAP/POP proxy is no problem, but what about a  
SIEVE proxy?  Can nginx do this?  Bron? Perdition can't. :))  Or  
rewriting with the canon plugin.

The only thing I'm still wondering is, what about shared folders?  We  
can't ask a user to share their folders with some_id at  They  
should still be able to share with first.last_otheruser at



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