v2.3.15 IMAP connection hangs

Simon Matter simon.matter at invoca.ch
Wed Sep 16 13:04:05 EDT 2009

>> From: Simon Matter [mailto:simon.matter at invoca.ch]
>> >> Long shot - but you might want to try it with the attached patch
>> >> applied.
>> >> It rewrites the zlib handling logic quite a lot, though it wasn't
>> >> originally
>> >> designed to deal with your problem!  I'm going to push it to CVS
>> soon.
>> >
>> > I already have the patch installed because we have an old version of
>> Zlib.
>> >  Could the patch be causing the problem?
>> Hi,
>> I have the same patch in my RPMs and tested it on a ancient OS/zlib and
>> didn't see any problems. Of course it doesn't mean much because I'm
>> running Linux.
>> Did you already try to build and run without zlib support?
> I hadn't thought of building it without zlib support.
> I have just installed a newer zlib, removed the patch, and rebuilt Cyrus
> IMAP with the new zlib.  Now it works!

Good, but I'm sure Bron would still like to know why it didn't work before...


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