Cyrus IMAPd 2.2.13p1 & 2.3.15 Released

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Fri Sep 11 01:42:06 EDT 2009

> I have a fixed clean-shutdown that applies over the zlib changes in my
> github repository.  I went through and re-ordered everything so I could
> pop this to the top of the patch queue.
>> It has worked very well for us in the past and I'd love to see this one
>> go
>> in.
> Yeah - I need to make sure it's squeeky-clean safe, but it's been
> pretty good for us too.  We do often have hundreds of processes
> left after 10 seconds though, waiting on locks - which kind of
> sucks.  Would be nice to fix that too!

What I saw on some hosts while upgrading from 2.3.14 to 2.3.15 is that I
had idled processes hanging around. Looks like they have not been
I tried to reproduce it on several hosts but I don't get stuck idled's
now. Maybe it just happens on busy servers or after they ran for some


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