Cyrus IMAPd 2.2.13p1 & 2.3.15 Released

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>> While we're at it, what about #2642?
>> <>
>> We were recently bitten by that particular problem.
> Now, that's a bit more complicated!  Also, we use nginx in front
> of cyrus, so we don't use the built-in tls engine at all.  I
> wouldn't feel comfortable testing this one.  Is anyone running it
> on top of 2.3.14, or only on the 2.2 series?

I have to admit that we currently don't. I applied the patch, compiled 
successfully, copied over just the imapd binary, created a special entry in 
cyrus.conf, that used that binary, and found that it segfaulted. I didn't 
investigate further, because I was under pressure. I reversed the patch and 
added just a single line in tls.c:

askcert = 0;

That worked, but of course that disables all client certificates. Because I 
didn't want to maintain a local patch, I came up with this workaround:


Still, that's not exactly a clean solution. So ideally the patch in #2642 
should be made to work in 2.3.15 ... I'd be happy to beta-test it if 
someone can clean it up.
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