Caching imap proxy

Kai Moritz kai at
Wed Sep 9 05:08:30 EDT 2009

Hi all!

We need something like a caching imap proxy.

If an imap client accesses the proxy, instead of delegating the client
to the real server, the proxy should first try to serve the request out
of its cache. So that, if several clients access the proxy and ask for
the contents of the same message in the same folder, it is only
requested once from the original server.

As far as I know, imap proxies normally does not do stuff like this.
They only delegate requests to an original server. But the murder
documentation sounds a little bit, like cyrus murder might be capable to
do it.

If cyrus murder cannot cache imap read requests, perhaps anyone has an
idea, how this caching problem can be solved. Or is it only possible to
cache imap request in the imap client itself?


Kai Moritz

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