Cyrus-Imapd on Linux-iSCSI

Rob Mueller robm at
Wed Sep 9 00:51:20 EDT 2009

> - cyrus-imapd-2.3.7 (from RHEL5/CentOS-5) with some minor patches in the
>  popd (UUID format and an enhancement to the authentication - both
>  shouldn't have any impact on the storage part)

As I'm sure others will mention, this is a quite old cyrus now with many 
known bugs.

You chould definitely consider upgrading to Simon Matters RPMs


> It happened now and then and is somewhat inconvenient.
> And it's not fun if the /var/log partition is full just because
> cyr_expire stumbles over a corrupted BDB.

We used to see this every now and then as well, but it's stopped since we 
fixed this bug:

I'm not sure if Bron has commited this back to cyrus CVS for the next 
release yet, but if not, it should definitely get included.

> We switched to iSCSI just recently - so that's the only really "new"
> thing in the setup.

I think it's either a coincidence (eg the bug is not iSCSI related), or if 
it is iSCSI related, it's not directly related, and probably just caused by 
timing race changes created by a change in the storage layer.


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