Cyrus-Imapd on Linux-iSCSI

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Tue Sep 8 10:26:31 EDT 2009

> Hi all!
> We are running cyrus-imapd with all files (mailboxes, Berkeley-DB,
> mmap()ed files) on an ext3 filesystem (with data=ordered) on a iSCSI
> block device (and the actual storage is on a NetApp box if that matters)
> on a Xeon 3.2GHz CPU (with 4 cores/2 HT thread - ).
> The kernel is 2.6.18-128.el5 (from the RHEL5/CentOS-5 updates).
> On a low-(to-now-)volume test cluster, everything runs fine. On the
> high-volume production cluster[0], we experienced a corrupted BDB.
> Googling didn't yield any useful result on the cause (or hint on
> improvement of the configuration).
> Does anyone have experience with such a setup?
> Is it possible to (simply) move the __* files to a local drive (or a
> tmpfs/ramfs/ramdisk)?
> Any hints or questions or feedback or ... is greatly appreciated,


As a first step I suggest to get rid of the Berkeley-DB files and convert
them to skiplist.


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