Logging region out of memory

Pascal Gienger Pascal.Gienger at uni-konstanz.de
Thu Sep 3 01:14:14 EDT 2009

Marc Patermann wrote:
> Hi,
> I have IMAPd 2.2.12 and BDB 4.2.52:
> When I got:
> Sep  2 11:28:39 rzhs199 local6:warn|warning lmtpunix[1171642]: DBERROR
> db4: Logging region out of memory; you may need to increase its size

Increase logging region size.

> I found DB_CONFIG in /mail/imap/
> :/mail/imap # cat DB_CONFIG
> set_cachesize 0 8388608 8
> set_lg_regionmax 524288
> set_lg_bsize 2097152
> and these files

The file DB_CONFIG has to be in the "db" subdirectory (/mail/imap/db in 
your case).
Be warned: Some parameters of DB_CONFIG also change the on-disk-format, 
so backup your db files before (after shutting down cyrus) and restart 
after your changes.

Don't delete "skipstamp" in this db directory as it is used by your 
skiplist databases.

Just a personal biased hint:
You should not use Berkeley DB for important data of your cyrus system. 
Berkeley has a very rapid random read performance which is important (in 
our case) with the duplicate delivery database (now 1,3 GB in size). But 
even that should be feasible with skiplist.

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