No e-mail notification with sieve, Thunderbird and Cyrus-imap

Ludovic Gasc gmludo at
Fri Oct 9 09:03:14 EDT 2009

Hi everybody,

We're using Cyrus-imap during some time, it's a good tool for us.

We've a strange behaviour (bug)? with sieve, Thunderbird and Cyrus-imap.
I want to listen your opinions, because I'm not sure to understand
correctly the problem.

We use some sieve scripts to filter the e-mails in the sub-folders of INBOX.

With Thunderbird, we don't have the notification when an new e-mail
arrives in a sub-folder filtered by a sieve script.
We must click on the folder to receive new e-mails.
With some other e-mail clients (Kmail, Claws-mail), we receive
correctly the new e-mails.

After some searches, I've found:
* Thunderbird uses IMAP IDLE when it's possible to receive the new
e-mails, unlike others open all folders each time.
* Cyrus seems to notify the new e-mails only in INBOX with IMAP IDLE.

I've found the bug report for Thunderbird:

With courier-imap, they've an option to choose to behaviour of IMAP

At the beginning, I thought the problem was in Thunderbird, but now
I'm not sure.

In the cyrus-imap documentation:
Do you think --with-idle=idled could resolve our problem ?

Thank you very much for your answer.
Ludovic Gasc

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